Residential Surveys

We offer a variety of surveys for a range of purposes. You might be intending to purchase a house and need a full survey or maybe a partial, bespoke survey.

Alternatively, you may wish to be able to plan maintenance for the next few years, or you already own a property and wish to have an inspection of a particular defect which is concerning you.

Survey and Report Options

Beyond the limitations of the Mortgage Valuation Survey, the two standard forms of survey available are the HomeBuyer Survey and the Building Survey. For most relatively modern, standard properties in generally reasonable condition, the HomeBuyer Report is adequate to advise upon the essential matters of concern. The Building Survey is a more thorough and detailed bespoke survey.

Choosing the right survey will help highlight any serious problems and advise you of the specific risks before you commit to the process of buying or selling a property. Click here to view our info sheet.

We realise that clients do not always want a full survey of the building. Sometimes there is just the need to inspect one particular part and/or defect of a building, possibly following queries raised during a Mortgage Valuation survey.

In such circumstances, we could carry out a Defect Inspection Report to report solely upon one or more specific defects, such as cracking or dampness for example.

On other occasions, the client may simply wish to know if the property is structurally sound, without comment upon internal ceilings, joinery, services, boundary walls and outbuildings or other such matters. If so, we can undertake a bespoke survey specifically tailored to our client’s requirements, possibly for example a Structure-Only Survey which reports in the same was as a Building Survey but just in relation to the walls, floors and roof.

Once a party has purchased a property, whether this is for investment purposes, or even for occupation, it is necessary to plan ahead to ensure that the building performs satisfactorily for future years.

If you have purchased a property as an investment, it is essential that the building is maintained and perhaps enhanced to ensure that the asset value is realised to its full potential.

If you have purchased the property for owner occupation, it is essential that the building is maintained and repaired firstly to comply with your repairing obligations under the terms of your lease and secondly to ensure that the building performs satisfactorily to allow your use of the building to continue without disruption to your business.

In either situation, without planning for such repairs in advance, problems can arise. What often happens is that people tackle maintenance on a reactive basis, which is often an expensive way to deal with remedial works. All too often, people fail to prevent problems prior to them occurring, which can often result in downtime to a business operation and loss of productivity.

Why Choose Smith Marston?

We think that there are various reasons why you should choose Smith Marston to carry out a survey regarding the most expensive purchase you will probably make in your life:

  • Our practice is regulated by RICS.
  • All surveys are only carried out by experienced Chartered Building Surveyors – we do not have unqualified staff undertaking the survey with the completed report then ‘signed-off’ by a qualified surveyor.
  • We provide a thorough and comprehensive report complete with photographs of the most important matters.
  • Clearly, we will report significant concerns about the house to you. However, the experience of our Surveyors is such that all have the confidence to reassure you where there may be matters which appear to be alarming but which are, in fact, not of a serious nature.
  • We can provide a verbal report the same day if time is of the essence.
  • Following your receipt of the report, we are more than willing to discuss any matters of concern or aspects which require any clarification.

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