Residential Surveys Gallery

Typical Defects

Below are several photographs taken during our surveys of various homes. More often than not, the vendor is not aware of things such as slipped slates, splits to a lead valley gutter, dampness etc, as generally these things are not easy to see for the untrained eye. However, for surveyors armed with ladders, binoculars, damp meters, it can be amazing just what can be found. All the more important for somebody looking to purchase a house to have a survey done!

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House Surveys

Below are some photographs of different types of houses we have surveyed. As you will see, no two homes are alike, and, therefore, due to the differing ages, and types of houses, we do have the situation whereby different types of survey are more appropriate for different houses. HomeBuyer Report, or full Building Survey? Structure Only Survey, or just a Defect Inspection? Find out more on our Residential Surveys page.

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