Landlord Surveys

There are a number of types of survey available and these can be adapted to suit your particular requirements.

What do I need from a survey?

If you are purchasing the freehold of a building for owner occupation, then it is important that this survey concentrates on costs that would be necessary to keep the building performing throughout your occupation, coupled with ensuring that statutory requirements are met. You will require advice as to what regular maintenance would be needed and the likely costs involved.

If you are acquiring the freehold for investment purposes, then the purpose of the report may be to assess what responsibilities may fall upon you as a landlord. Many of the day-to-day legislative and maintenance issues will normally fall on the occupying tenant, under the terms of their lease. It is therefore essential that your survey concentrates on identifying matters that will specifically affect your investment.


If you’re looking to take on a lease there are a number of factors to consider, follow this link to view our tenant specific surveys.

The issue of dilapidations can be a very fraught and expensive area connected with properties held on leases. Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, if handled incorrectly they can often cost parties a considerable amount of money.

If you are a landlord, are you aware of the correct manner in which to assess and pursue tenants who have not fulfilled their leasehold obligations? Are you familiar with the Pre-Action Protocol for Dilapidations? Are you familiar with what you can and cannot pursue tenants for? Receiving the correct advice early on can help you maximize your chances of receiving your building back in good repair, so that you may re-let it again.

Once a party has purchased a property, whether this is for investment purposes, or even for occupation, it is necessary to plan ahead to ensure that the building performs satisfactorily for future years.

If you have purchased a property as an investment, it is essential that the building is maintained and perhaps enhanced to ensure that the asset value is realised to its full potential.

If you have purchased the property for owner occupation, it is essential that the building is maintained and repaired firstly to comply with your repairing obligations under the terms of your lease and secondly to ensure that the building performs satisfactorily to allow your use of the building to continue without disruption to your business.

In either situation, without planning for such repairs in advance, problems can arise. What often happens is that people tackle maintenance on a reactive basis, which is often an expensive way to deal with remedial works. All too often, people fail to prevent problems prior to them occurring, which can often result in downtime to a business operation and loss of productivity.

We realise that clients do not always want a full survey of the building. Sometimes there is just the need to inspect one particular part and/or defect of a building, possibly following queries raised during a Mortgage Valuation survey.

In such circumstances, we could carry out a Defect Inspection Report to report solely upon one or more specific defects, such as cracking or dampness for example.

On other occasions, the client may simply wish to know if the property is structurally sound, without comment upon internal ceilings, joinery, services, boundary walls and outbuildings or other such matters. If so, we can undertake a bespoke survey specifically tailored to our client’s requirements, possibly for example a Structure-Only Survey which reports in the same was as a Building Survey but just in relation to the walls, floors and roof.

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