Flood Damage: Assessment and Reinstatement

From time to time flooding occurs and when it does it can leave hundreds, if not thousands, of people without homes or business premises. In such awful situations people need to seek advice as to how best to assess and ultimately reinstate their properties as quickly as possible.

The first port of call for many will be a call to their insurance provider. Their insurer will normally assess the damage and then appoint a surveyor to ensure the works are properly specified, tendered and administered on site throughout the building works.

If you have been affected by flooding, and you would like help going forward, do call us, or ask your insurer to give us a call on either 01434 607802 (Hexham Office) or 0191 2603123 (Newcastle Office) or email [email protected]

Fire Damage: Assessment and Reinstatement

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer the devastating effects of fire at your home, or your workplace, then clearly you will need quick, sound advice to help you get back on track and back into your property at the earliest opportunity.

Once you have called your insurer they will normally seek to appoint a surveyor to specify the necessary remedial works, and of course, you might wish to have a firm who are reasonably ‘close’ to you, certainly from within the region. If you need any help, please do just call us, or, ask your insurer to.

We would be happy to discuss matters with them. Tel 01434 607802 (Hexham Office) or 0191 2603123 (Newcastle Office) or email [email protected]

At Smith Marston Ltd we undertake work for a wide variety of Clients. We work on residential and commercial properties from small houses up to large stately homes, for domestic owners, and also on large portfolios of property for numerous ‘estates’. We work on some very important historic buildings, including Grade I, and are used to specifying and administering refurbishment works from inception to completion.

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